On-Demand Taking a Back Seat to Event Re-Broadcast

When it comes to delivering content, recent data shows that re-broadcasting sessions from your Annual Meeting as a Live Webinar offers the ability to generate significantly more revenue than On-Demand. Additionally, over 50% of the attendees of Session Re-Broadcasts reported that they have never been to a previous association sponsored event, whether that be Live or Virtual. Re-Broadcasts may be just the tool association marketers have been looking for to wake up the sleeping Members and re-engage them.

Re-Broadcasts Generate Significantly More Revenue and Profit

The days of “Put your content on your web site and they will come” may be over as busy professionals just don’t have the time to listen to their iPods (how many sessions have you listened to on your iPod or portable device in the last month?). If they are going to give up an hour of their time to listen to education, they want the benefit of listening with their peers where there is an additional learning factor and the ability to ask questions.

“What our clients are finding is that their Members seem to be more interested in learning as a group than they do downloading content off the web site,” says Jim Parker, president of Digitell. “It doesn’t imply that there is no market for On-Demand, but, the data is showing that the market for Re-Broadcasting may be 10x or 20x greater,” adds Parker.
Here is some data gathered by one of Digitell’s clients on two random conferences that supports that point:
digitell client chart
Associations with accredited content are drawing the largest attendance numbers and generating the greatest level of revenue. In fact, Digitell is so confident of success, that they are willing to do a No Risk, Revenue Share model with associations with accredited content.

Re-Broadcasts Wake the Dead

Another amazing discovery is that 50% of those attending re-broadcasts claim they have never attended an event of any kind in the past – never attended a physical event, never attended a virtual event or Webinar. Associations have long been looking for ways of re-engaging dormant Members and this may just be the tool to do that. Re-engaged members represents higher meeting attendance and increased revenue in addition to creating a more revitalized organization.

“We are having success with all kinds of broadcasting, from Live Streaming of Sessions from the meeting to the Re-Broadcasts,” says Steve Parker, VP of Digitell. “We are very excited about the launch of our new service, called SYNDICAST, which provides the opportunity to Live Stream sessions to Exhibitors Web sites and Industry Portals. Associations need to start thinking of themselves as content providers for Live Programming for the companies and Portals in their industry who are desperately looking for live programming to put on their web site, to drive quality traffic,” adds Parker.

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