March 23 – Virtual Edge Weekly

In this week’s summary of digital meetings, events, learning and community, UBM Studios unveils new mobile event application that complements physical events; Saba Launches Innovative Video Collaboration Platform; and Tony Lorenz of bXb Online will Share Best Practices for Monetizing Hybrid Events in a Webcast by INXPO.

UBM_Studios UBM Studios Unveils New Mobile Event Application that Complements Physical Events

UBM Studios launched a new mobile application that enables event organizers to generate new revenue streams while connecting sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees with relevant content and updates.

The new mobile application includes native applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry, as well as a web version. It also offers various sponsorship opportunities such as banners, splash pages and alerts.

UBM Studios’ Mobile Event Application is packed with features such as user-friendly interface, secure user registration, calendar interface, profile listings, interactive exhibitor/sponsor directory, venue maps, news and social media integration and much more.

UBM Studios president Kate Spellman said “Marketing and event professionals are seeking access to content via online or mobile devices before, during and after the event, showing us that event audiences are interested in engaging digitally throughout the entire event cycle. Our research shows that the use of mobile applications at face-to-face events enhances an attendee’s experience.”

saba Saba Launches Innovative Video Collaboration Platform

Provider of people-centric enterprise solutions Saba unveiled its new unified social, mobile and video unified collaboration platform called “Saba Meeting”.  Saba Meeting enables users to view video in high definition across virtual meetings, webinars, or classrooms.

It integrates seamlessly with Saba’s new Social Enterprise Platform Saba People Cloud and various social media tools to allow users to collaborate and share knowledge and documents in real-time.

Saba’s new video collaboration platform is packed with features such as highly scalable integrated HD video, intuitive interface, powerful social collaborative workspaces, and real-time content sharing.

bxb online Tony Lorenz of bXb Online will Share Best Practices for Monetizing Hybrid Events in a Webcast by INXPO

Tony Lorenz, founder of bXb Online, will discuss best practices for monetizing hybrid events in a webcast by INXPO.

At 12:00 pm on Tuesday, March 27, Lorenz will explain how associations can cover the costs of digital extension of events and generate revenue over time. He will help attendees discover how they can increase the value of both their physical and online platforms by treating their digital extension as an asset and how their membership base can be a revenue source over time.

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