April 20 – Virtual Edge Weekly

In this week’s summary of digital meetings, events, learning and community, B2B Marketing releases online events best practice guide; Scott Lum will share his insights on using digital events as a hub for content marketing program; UBM Studios Kathleen Connolly and Max Gerstein will help marketers discover the power of digital environments; InterCall teamed-up with Blue Jeans Network to provide multi-party video conferencing service; and Denis Mars and Arend Naylor launched Meetings.io.

b2b marketing B2B Marketing Releases Online Events Best Practice Guide

B2B Marketing has released a document titled Online Events: Best Practice Guide, a 72-page guide that offers best practices for utilizing online events. The guide is specifically designed to help B2B marketers in improving online event planning and management to meet their marketing objectives.

This guide provides insight from experts on areas such as virtual events, virtual conferences and webcasts. It explores formats, platforms and structures of online events, in addition to achievable objectives and ways to engage virtual audience. The guide will help you:

  • Understand the basics of virtual events
  • Explore platforms, formats and structure
  • Use online events to meet marketing objectives
  • Generate and nurture leads
  • Improve audience engagement levels

Click here to download the guide.

InXpo_Logo Scott Lum will Share His Insights on Using Digital Events as a Hub for Content Marketing Program

Scott Lum, Digital Marketing Manager on the Events team at Microsoft, will share his insights on using digital events as a hub for a content marketing program in a webcast by INXPO.

At 12:00 pm on Thursday, April 26, Scott Lum will discuss how companies are using content marketing for engaging their communities and how digital events can be used as a foundation for a strong content marketing strategy.

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ubm studios UBM Studios Kathleen Connolly and Max Gerstein will Help Marketers Discover the Power of Digital Environments

Kathleen Connolly, VP, UBM Studios and Max Gerstein, Senior Sales Engineer, will educate marketers and event managers about the power of digital environments at the Event Marketing Summit – occurring from April 30 – May 2, 2012 at Sheraton Chicago Hotel.

At 8:30 am on Monday, April 30, Gerstein and Scott Kellner, Chief Marketing Officer, INXPO will co-present “Virtual and Hybrid Event Bootcamp”. They will help attendees gain a better understanding of how to “build relationships between live events”, extend the reach and generate revenue around content and product offerings.

At 4:30 pm on Wednesday, May 2, Connolly will lead a session “Creating An Always-On Virtual Environment” where she will discuss how B2B marketers can use digital platforms to gain competitive edge, improve communication and boost lead-generation. She will be joined by John Viglotti, VP, Products and Services, PR Newswire, and Dan Dignam, Executive VP, UBM Channel.

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InterCall InterCall Teamed-up with Blue Jeans Network to Provide Multi-Party Video Conferencing Service

InterCall and Blue Jeans Network have entered into a partnership that will allow InterCall to offer multi-party video conferencing service to its customers around the world.

Under this partnership, InterCall users will be able to join online meetings via services such as Google, Cisco, Microsoft Lync, Polycom, and Skype. The service is cloud-based so users can join a meeting from various devices and platforms.

According to Robert Bellmar, Senior Vice President of Conferencing and Collaboration for InterCall, “This new service eliminates the challenges that often make video conferencing difficult. By allowing users to join a meeting from various devices and platforms, video conferencing is now a more viable meeting choice than ever before.”

meetingsio New Virtual Meeting Platform Launched

Denis Mars and Arend Naylor have launched Meetings.io, a new virtual meeting platform that allows groups of people in different locations to hold web-based conversations with each other. It makes it super easy to make a video call (as easy as clicking on a link) and requires no sign ups, user registration, plug-ins or downloads.

According to Denis Mars, Co-Founder of Meetings.io, “It works completely within the browser and requires no signups so anyone that clicks on the link enters the meeting room instantly with audio and video working right away. It’s that simple … you can use it for meetings or as a hangout with your teams or buddies without ever leaving your desk.”

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