April 6 – Virtual Edge Weekly

In this week’s summary of digital meetings, events, learning and community, New data from Tagoras highlights growing adoption of virtual events by trade and professional associations; bXb Online founder Tony Lorenz answers questions on monetizing hybrid events; KRM and omNovia teamed-up to offer more interactive and richer media webinars ; and UBM Studios Mobile App for events won the prestigious min’s B2B Award.

tagoras New Data from Tagoras Highlights Growing Adoption of Virtual Events by Trade and Professional Associations

Virtual event adoption by trade and professional associations has more than doubled in the past year, and registrations for virtual events exceed expectations for the majority of organizations, according to a new report released by Tagoras.

Tagoras recently released new report titled “Association Virtual Events: State of the Sector” from a survey of more than 100 organizations. The report is specifically designed for trade and professional association executives who need cutting edge knowledge to conduct successful virtual events. You can download this report from Tagoras website, http://bit.ly/HjDaYh.

Tagoras Managing Director Celisa Steele said, “While virtual events have not quite reached mainstream status for associations, we have definitely seen the comfort level rise significantly over the past 12 to 18 months. No one expects conferences to disappear, but clearly virtual is on the way to playing a major role in the future of association events.”

bxb online bXb Online Founder Tony Lorenz Answers Questions on Monetizing Hybrid Events

Tony Lorenz, Founder of bXb Online, presented a webinar (Monetizing Hybrid Events) where he answered questions posed by attendees. The webinar attracted such a large audience that Tony was unable to address all the questions that were submitted.

But Tony didn’t left his fans behind and answered the questions on covering the costs of digital extension of events and generating revenue over time. Click here to read the Q&A.

KRM Information Services KRM and omNovia Teamed-up to Offer More Interactive and Richer Media Webinars

KRM Information Services, Inc., announced that it’ll use omNovia’s web conferencing platform to deliver more engaging and effective webinars. Previously, KRM used Microsoft Live Meeting as its main webinar platform.

KRM selected omNovia for its innovative features, ease of use and high degree of customizability. omNovia web conferencing platform is packed with advanced interactive tools such as instant polling, live HD video, document sharing, YouTube Player, white board and chat.

“The combination of omNovia’s versatile technology with KRM red-carpet services and webinar expertise will deliver a unique and engaging end-user experience for our clients and their event attendees, leading to more effective webinars,” said Mr. Rick Olson, KRM President and CEO.

ubm-studios-logo UBM Studios Mobile App for Events Won the Prestigious min’s B2B Award

UBM Electronics All-Access Conference Pass application for the ARM TechCon(TM) event swept the “Tablet App — Paid — Interactive” category and won the prestigious min’s Best of the Web Award.

The All-Access Conference Pass application was officially launched at the ARM TechCon Conference, which took place on October 25-27, 2011 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The app was recognized for allowing conference attendees to access technical sessions, webinars, videos and collateral.

“This innovative use of tablets ushers in a new generation technology to enhance the attendee experience. We are especially proud to receive this award because it validates our focus on mobile and connecting audiences digitally before, during and after events,” said Kate Spellman, President, UBM Studios.


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