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VEI Business Motivations and Social Behaviors

Virtual Hybrid Event Case Study

Industry Standard RFP

Digital Event Solution Standard RFP Template

RFP User Guide

The User Guide helps you navigate the RFP template. Make sure you download these two documents together. 

Tips and Tools

Make Your Digital or Hybrid Meeting a Success Using 9 Easy Tips - get the e-book here. Or you can download the invidual tip/tool you are seeking below:

Tips to take your meeting hybrid
The first time you try anything, there can be a lot of uncertainty. This guide will offer ideas on how to create success the first time out.

What equipment do I need for a hybrid event?
This is not an exhaustive list and some enhancements may require more equipment, but if you are streaming one session from a F2F event, here is a list of equipment that is generally used.

Marketing a hybrid event
The way you promote a hybrid event is very similar to how you market a face-to-face event. Cannibalization of face-to-face attendance has been proven to be a myth, so don’t let that stand in your way.

Revenue generation opportunities for hybrid/digital events
If one of your objectives is to generate revenue to offset costs or create another revenue source, consider these opportunities.

Digital Event ROI
Hybrid events provide an opportunity for measuring delegate behavior that face-to-face meetings lack, because everything that happens in the platform is recorded. Learn more on how to measure these and report your next digital event's ROI.

Day of your hybrid event – Key tips
How exciting! After all the prep calls and onsite testing of equipment, you have made it to the live day. Don’t panic – things will be fine.