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Tips to take your meeting hybrid
The first time you try anything, there can be a lot of uncertainty. This guide will offer ideas on how to create success the first time out.

What equipment do I need for a hybrid event?
This is not an exhaustive list and some enhancements may require more equipment, but if you are streaming one session from a F2F event, here is a list of equipment that is generally used.

Revenue generation opportunities for hybrid/digital events
If one of your objectives is to generate revenue to offset costs or create another revenue source, consider these opportunities.

Marketing a hybrid event
The way you promote a hybrid event is very similar to how you market a face-to-face event. Cannibalization of face-to-face attendance has been proven to be a myth, so don’t let that stand in your way.

Day of your hybrid event – Key tips
How exciting! After all the prep calls and onsite testing of equipment, you have made it to the live day. Don’t panic – things will be fine.